Adult Modelling Questions


What makes us different from other Adult Industry Employers?

We let you set the limits. That’s right, we will NEVER push you to do anything you are uncomfortable with or unwilling to do. We want this to be a positive, fun and profitable experience for all.

Where are you?

We currently have photographers located in Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver. Do to the nature of the content we shoot, we use a variety of locations and are always willing to come to you if you can’t come to us.

I’m a male model looking to break into the industry?

We receive applications daily from men wanting to break into the industry. Most have no real qualifications or experience. Do to the cost of setting up and producing a shoot, WE DO NOT WORK WITH UNPROVEN MALE PERFORMS. Presently, the only way we will consider a new male perform is if he applies as one half of a M/F couple.

Will I have to pay for anything?

NO! You will never have to pay for anything! The only investment you make, is a few hours of your time.

Will I make money doing this?

YES! There are no limits to the amount of money you can make. How much you make depends on the type of shoot, how long it takes and your level of experience.

How is payment negotiated?

Payment is either by the shoot or occasionally we will negotiate a day rate. The rate for a given shoot depends on who and what is involved in that specific shoot. Day rates generally pay a little less per shoot but are a good way to make a chunk of cash all in a single day.

I have never modeled before. Is that okay?

You have found the right place for your first time. Most of our models have never posed nude in front of a camera. We understand that it can be a little scary at first so we take our time and ensure that you are always comfortable.

I’m not sure if I’m pretty enough.

Sexiness is in the mind. If you have a sexy attitude, you are sexy. We do not turn anyone away.

Where will my pictures/video be used?

We shoot for a wide variety of web sites. What is done with your pictures, like everything else we do, is under your control.

Who owns the photos and video?

Generally speaking, once you’ve been paid, all rights to the photos and video belong us. However this also is negotiable on a shoot by shoot basis. Usually we have no problem with models using our content for personal non-commercial use.

What if I want to stop modeling?

No problem! If at any time you decide you’re not comfortable you can end the shoot and we will destroy any images.

Will I have to have sex with someone?

NO! Not if you don’t want to. It’s up to you. Some erotic models will only do solo shoots. Other’s will only works with a specific partner. Some are willing to work with the male or female partners we provide. You tell us what you want to do. If you’re not sure what you should do, we have a million suggestions :o)

Can I come with a chaperon to the set?

Yes, you are more then welcome to bring a chaperon provided it’s OK with the other performer or performers and they don’t interfere with production. Jealous, controlling boyfriends or someone who makes the other performers uncomfortable are not welcome.

Where do the shoots take place?

We use a variety of locations ranging from a formal studio space to using someones home or even an outdoor location.

What types of shoots do you have available?

Because we produce adult content for a wide variety of pornographic websites this is always changing. Please check out our Adult Video Projects page for an idea of the variety and different kinds of XXX productions we’re involved in.


If you are 18 years of age or older and live in the Vancouver or Victoria B.C. Canada area or are willing to travel, and want to learn how to make money while having fun, please either fill out our Online Questionnaire or Contact Us.

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